Metal Stamping Vs. CNC Machining Which is Right for You?

Many factors can play a part when it comes to making the decision to metal stamp or go with CNC machining. One of the main considerations that needs to be taken into account is price. Because CNC machining is slower it will (a good majority of the time) make the price per piece much higherRead More

Ensure a Smooth Manufacturing Process

In order for your manufacturing process to be smooth there are some things that will help us (the manufacturer) help you. 1: Have detailed drawings send to us (which include all measurements including tolerance’s) 2: Make sure that you include all the information that our engineers may need to make sure that your part isRead More

Toyota Diversity Event | Awesome Company, Awesome Event – Walker Stamping

As a supplier for Toyota we were invited to Toyota’s Diversity Event, and we couldn’t have been more excited. A little about how Toyota works… Toyota is a company that believes in strengthening the team around them, and we’re not only talking about the employees, but also the suppliers, and anyone else who works closely withRead More

Automotive Manufacturing | How it’s done – Walker Stamping

So how does automotive manufacturing work? In this article we’ll give you a peak inside the automotive industry. So the typical flow for automotive manufacturing starts at the necessity for part/parts. What a good majority of people are unaware of is the fact that most companies that are household names known to most people isRead More

MetalForming’s Women of Excellence

On behalf of Metal Forming magazine, congratulations on being recognized as a Woman of Excellence in metal forming and fabricating! In honor of this prestigious award, you will receive a copy of the November 2016 issue of Metal Forming that contains the awards article, as well as a gift in honor of your accomplishment. YouRead More