Walker Midwest was opened within our parent company’s facility of Millenia products group in 2015 to ensure Midwest manufacturers – including Toyota and customers in industries ranging from automotive and aircraft to medical and electronics – could rely on receiving the same quality parts and services from a conveniently located facility. Walker Stamping and Fabrication in Ontario, California established a reputation for excellence that was built over decades of reliably meeting customers’ needs in the most cost-effective fashion.

Walker Midwest was founded to ensure Customers in the Midwest and eastern half of the United States can enjoy the same lean manufacturing and JIT benefits as those with manufacturing needs on the West Coast. In addition to stamping and sheet metal fabrication, Walker Midwest also provides:

  • Weld and Assembly
  • Roll Forming
  • Modular Concept Production and Assembly
  • Mechanical and Electrical Assembly
  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Product Development